Friday, July 23, 2010

Birthday Cupcakes

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These cutie little cupcakes are going to be apart of my new classroom birthday display.  I used the cupcake from the Create a Critter cart and with my Gypsy, hid the face.  I tried to make them resemble the theme of each month. I am going to laminate them for durability.  I will type out each child's name and birthday on the computer, then cut it out and adhere it to the proper cupcake.  For instance, September might have 3 student's names and birthdays on them, depending on my class roll.  I thought this was a cute way to display our class birthdays!


Jayhawk Teacher 3 said...

so cute I wish I could make those!

Ashlee said...

These are so cute and would be perfect for my new theme...Sweets Shoppe!

Are you taking requests for making these? (hint hint)

Sweet Seconds

blissfulfour said...

I just might, Ashlee :-)