Monday, August 13, 2012

Bulletin Board Idea & Parent Communication Log

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Classroom Freebies Manic Monday      i LOVE the idea of sharing the love with my fellow teachers as this school year is just starting up.  I've linked up with Classroom Freebies and 4th Grade Frolics to do just that!
     My friends went back to work today for those beginning of the year meetings and staff development.  Since I myself am not returning this year, I was a little sad not to be with them.  Anywho... I wanted to share a picture of a beginning of the year bulletin board I made a few years back.  It looks a lot harder than it was.  I bought a couple of 8x8 books of craft paper that already had cute designs on it.  I used my Cricut to cut out my student's names in coordinating paper.  I then used Popdots and craft glue to adhere them.  I connected the paper together like a quilt using ribbons.  My name was in the center.  I used pre-cut letters from the local teacher store to make the title: Making Connections in 2nd Grade....well my "t" in connections obviously fell off before I could take a picture :-D I kept it up a good while because I had two outside bulletin boards.  When I finally disassembled it, my students had a treasure to keep!

So there is a free bulletin board idea..... but that's not good enough is it?  How about something useful?  I keep a folder on all of my students.  I put all important notes from parents in the folder along with a communication log.  It is important to have good communication with parents, but don't forget to have positive communication as well.  I find that when a parent feels that I am on their side, that they are more likely to back me up.  Even if I am calling on a serious note, I try to begin and end with something positive.  I also ask the parent for their take on the situation and for any suggestions that they may have.  Keeping documentation is important.  It can prove helpful when you have to call the same parent again or when you need to go to your principal with a bigger issue.

I've Uploaded this FREEBIE to my TPT Account.  Go on there, download it for free, and ENJOY!


Annie said...

I would love a copy of your parent log. Thank you! said...

I sent it to ya! Thanks for stopping by :)

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Could you send me a copy of this?

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Can you send me your parent log please? :) The best one I have seen... preferably or


Jess Cheel said...

Oh yes please! this is brilliant!

thank you so much!