Monday, July 16, 2012

Cute clipboards for gifts or functionality!

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     Make these cute little clipboards for a co-worker, child's teacher, or yourself!  They are super easy and inexpensive too!  I made the one with the clothes pins for my students to take to lunch as a behavior monitor.  Each student in my class is assigned a number, so I number everything!  This helps me to be able to use classroom items for several years versus just one by adding student names.   I added numbers to the end of the clothespins with American Crafts Galaxy Markers, but you can also just use a permanent marker.  I also used the Galaxy markers to put the white border on the solid green paper.  You can find these clipboards very inexpensively at dollar stores or office supply stores (see here).  Make sure it has a flat clip so you can jazz it up with ribbon.
      Along with the clipboard, you need craft paper, modge podge, a foam brush, ribbon, and clothespins (if you are using this for a behavior monitoring system.)  I used my Cricut to cut out designs and letters, but you could also buy these pre-cut.  For the larger background paper, I find it best to use the thinner craft paper rather than heavier card stock grade.
    I find Modge Podge very easy to work with, but here are a few tips that I have found along the way.  First off, paint the glue not only on the back what you are adhering down, but also on what you are gluing it to.  I have found that when I do not do this, I get more air bubbles.  Also, it is very gooey which is good!  It helps you to be able to manipulate your paper better without tearing it.  If it is not quite were you want it, just slide it around!  I use my Cricut scraper  to help get the air bubbles out.  I start in the middle and gently push the bubbles out to the edge of your paper.  If you do not have one of these, you could use the flat side of a ruler.  Larger things are harder to get down without air bubbles, and I find that thinner paper does better on a large scale.  I used the card stock thickness on the smaller designs for added texture.  Also, if you use your Cricut and piece cuts together like my bear with the flower, make sure you Modge Podge it together on the clipboard itself and not just craft glue it together.  If you do not do this, the design will warp once you add the Modge Podge to it.  After Adhering your designs down, you alway put a layer or two of Modge Podge on top to sort of seal it.
  Now for the finer details....  I used my Cuttlebug texturz to texturize the paper in some of my designs.  This is an easy way to really make your projects look amazing, even with store bought die cuts  The clothespins were made by trimming paper just a tad smaller than the clothespin itself and Modge Podging the paper to it.  The ribbon was easy...just tie it in a knot.  I also added a little tulle with the ribbon to really fill it in.
   Questions?  Suggestions?  Please share!

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