Thursday, July 12, 2012

New Website: Blissful four EDUCATION!

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I have the opportunity to stay home next school year.  It was a tough decision, but one that is right for my family right now.  I realized the other day that all of the wonderful sites that I had spent years collecting would soon be wiped off of the district server!  You can imagine the panic!  So...I went to weebly and made a new one!  Now it is nowhere near as cute, but it is probably more functional.  Hopefully some of you can use it with your students, project it to complement your lessons, or even use it at home to enrich your children.  I hope to put some of the units that I've made over the years onto TPT soon.  These links will also go with them.  It is after all July.  This is usually the time that most teachers start preparing for the new school year.  You see that I am still in teacher mode myself :-)

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